Hello!  I am Nazeem Sheik, and I am a Southern California-based photographer. Photography has been a passion of mine since my early days and my go-to place to de-stress for several years now. Whenever my busy schedule allows me to take a breather, I would probably be out there with my camera and gear exploring obscure places around the region and looking for something interesting to capture.  

My photographs tend to cover a wide range of subjects such as Wildlife, Desert, Nature, Cities, and People. I always find myself admiring and capturing the minute details that exist in plain sight around us. It is important to me that my photographs show a combination of beauty and art.  I find the technical aspects of photography interesting. Mastering the controls of the camera and lens when operating them provides an immense sense of calm, enabling me to immerse myself in the surroundings.  Sometimes, I visit the same location multiple times in various conditions to build on my understanding and observation. A successful image can only be realized months or even years after an initial visit.  

It is with that deep understanding and visualization that my photography skills and techniques have certainly matured over the past few years. I have also found myself picking up on various editing techniques that have made past images turn out even better.  I often look through the images that I have captured in the past, to get inspiration and to learn from the mistakes like composition, light, day and time when the picture was taken, etc., to improve upon during my next visit.

On this website, I hope to share some of my best works, as well as show the transition that my skills have evolved over the years. You can find my favorite images in my portfolio.  I have also started a projects section where I showcase some images from areas that intrigue me the most.  

Please drop a note if you like what you see.  Your comments and inputs will help and I will be sure to respond to any questions when time permits.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you would return to follow my journey in this ever-expanding adventure.

I consider myself a serious enthusiast when it comes to photography and still learning.  There are a lot more places to explore and I have only scratched the surface. If you happen to see me out in the wild please feel free to come and strike up a conversation.  I would love to hear your experiences and ideas.

Thanks to my fellow photographers, friends, family, and the selfie stick for making these images possible.


All the content and the images are © by Nazeem Sheik unless otherwise noted. Please do not use any without written consent from the site owner. Most images are available as prints. Please contact me with any questions. Prints and licensed images are not watermarked, of course. All images posted on this site are of reduced quality.

I’m generally friendly towards strictly non-commercial usage on private blogs and websites (ie. no monetization through ads, referral systems etc.), but I’d like to know where my images will be used, and for what purpose. Please contact me about your intended usage so that I can evaluate it. Thanks for understanding!.