I have cycled through numerous camera systems and lenses in the past.  Around 2019, I decided to downsize my gear and focus only on the equipment that I need which means no more holy trinity and fancy primes for me.  I sold almost everything that I had and decided to stick to one system – the Mirrorless from Sony.  Why Sony? That is another story for another day. In a way, it was the right decision at the right time and easier on my shoulders and back. 

Camera: Sony A7RIII

Having a camera system that corresponds to my vision and style of photography was something important to me. I have been using the Sony A7R system since mid-2014 and upgraded to the A7RIII in 2019.  Sony revolutionized the imaging sector and has led the way in the mirrorless system. I like the simplicity of the camera body, the button layout, and of course, how much lighter it was compared to the gears that I used to lug around.  This has been my primary camera for all my photography needs from then on.  

Lens: Sony FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM Wide Angle Zoom Lens

This is by far the sharpest lens that I have used and yes it is certainly the most expensive in its category.  The versatility of this zoom range is almost ultra-wide to a medium-wide range. The Sony 16-35mm GM lens is all I need for Landscape, Cityscape, and Astrophotography.  Also, the ability to use a filter system in conjunction opened up the possibility of long exposure photography.  This lens is pretty much glued to my camera these days.

Lens: Sony FE 100-400mm F/4.5-5.6 GM Super Telephoto Lens

This focal length is incredibly versatile. I mostly use this lens for bird photography and sometimes landscapes when I have to hone in on the subject.  This lens is with me all the time and depending on the scene, I pick this lens to create a unique composition.

Point and Shoot: Sony ZV-1 Vlogging Camera

Best of both worlds in a compact package.  I have been using the Sony ZV-1 mostly as a walk-around camera while scouting for new places to photograph, and if I am travelling with my family. I have got some incredible images using this compact system.

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