Photographing abandoned subjects always excites me. I don’t know why I love exploring dilapidated old rundown ruins in the middle of nowhere.  Maybe it is the sense of what that place would have looked like in its glory days and the sense of history lost in time.   I have seen some abandoned structures off the highways on my previous trips, but I’d never taken the time to pull over and see what they had to offer as I had a set destination in mind to get to.

Then, I started researching places like ghost towns and other neglected areas, to find something worthy to point my camera and lens at. Maybe an old railroad depot, a gas station, or something with character. I started plotting such locations on Google Maps to accommodate those spots for my trip. Sometimes, even on my spontaneous trips, I end up finding unusual, abandoned areas along the Mojave National Preserve, Salton Basin, or Route 66.  Below you will see some pictures that I have taken over the years.