Salton sea is one of the most dramatic and unusual places that you will ever see.  Sadly this place is quickly falling into the Ghost Town category and getting neglected and vandalized.  I have had the opportunity to visit the Salton Sea and the surrounding areas numerous times and have witnessed and captured the deterioration over the years. I am sure some of them could have been due to natural calamities, but most of the time, it is due to people acting irresponsibly and destroying things around them without any thought or concern.

Every spot around this accidental sea has some story of its own. I may have missed a lot but I did my best to capture what was still standing. I don’t know how long these rundown structures will last. Soon they will become memories of the past and eventually be forgotten. Below you will see some pictures that I have taken over the years. Most of the already decomposing structures that you will see below have either been destroyed or completely cleared out.